£142k in new business

How a supply chain business generated £142,000 in new business and a £5m sales pipeline

Industry: Supply chain

Strategy: Organic LinkedIn inbound and outbound lead generation strategy designed to generate targeted sales conversation in two new sectors.

The Client

A world leading supply chain business wanted to penetrate two new sectors who were for the most part, unaware of the first class service they could provide.

Their aim was to foster new relationships and partnerships in the sector and to use LinkedIn as a platform for creating awareness of their organisation and service, through personal brands.

What We Did

We managed the personal LinkedIn account of the MD, and developed an organic lead generation strategy designed to generate a steady stream of new business opportunities.

Audience growth – from developing a very clear picture of the client’s ICP, we consistently built an audience of the exact type of professionals they wanted to build relationships with, and influence through their content. From using the very detailed targeting options on LinkedIn, we were able to be very targeted in our approach.

Content Strategy – we created and executed a content marketing strategy (inbound) focused on building the MD’s personal brand through adding value, thought leadership and opinions on industry specific topics. From using the various content options available on LinkedIn and beyond, we created very targeted and convincing content which resonated with the exact audience we had engaged with for the client.

Outbound Strategy – as we were building, engaging and influencing the client’s ICP, we also implemented an outbound messaging strategy designed to initiate sales conversations with our target audience. This was executed in a value driven way, by reinforcing the core messaging in our content, keeping our client front of mind to prospects for when the time was right to move the relationship to the next stage.

By executing this organic lead generation strategy consistently over an extended period of time, our client generated the following results.

The Results




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