Let us build high-converting sales and marketing assets using in-depth customer interviews, that are guaranteed to give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

We will create marketing and sales assets (and sales opportunities) that save you from having to sell your own services, as your existing, happy customers will do it for you through our in-depth interview, research and client acquisition asset services.

We Create High Converting Customer Acquisition Assets

Create a suite of assets that will turn prospects into high value clients in 3 easy steps:

Conduct Client

Build Your Client Acquisition Assets

Utilise Your Client Acquisition Assets To Make More Revenue!

People Influence Other People

Your existing customers can influence the decisions of prospects.


Consumers are 200x more likely to convert after receiving a positive recommendation.


93% of consumers are influenced by reviews.


90% of people will pay more for a brand they trust.

Brands We Have Helped

Results You Can Expect

Here are the most common results you’ll get from working with us:

Acquire More High-Value Clients

Our client acquisition assets are often the difference between a prospect saying ’yes’ or them saying ‘not right now’. Being armed with the assets which explain how your products or services solve the problems your target market face, in addition to their positive experience of working with you, removes the risk of them moving forward. This will empower you to acquire more clients.

Increase Your Revenue

More clients = more revenue. If you do nothing else, but plug our client acquisition assets into your current prospecting strategies, you will convert more prospects and make more revenue. We will work with you on the best way to do this in our programme.

Steal Market Share From Your Competitors

99.99% of your competitors won’t be utilizing these types of assets in their sales and marketing strategy. So, if you have two companies offering a similar solution, and one company has a library of in-depth customer interviews detailing their experience of working with that company and how their solution has been a game-changer for them, and the other doesn’t, who would you move forward with?

Let Your Customers Do The Selling For You

Consumers are 200x more likely to convert after receiving a positive recommendation, and 93% of consumers are influenced by reviews. Having the necessary, comprehensive client acquisition assets available to push interested prospects over the line, is now an essential part of any sales and marketing strategy.

Lower Your Customer Acquisition Costs

When used effectively, the client acquisition assets we create for you will lower your client acquisition costs. How? A higher proportion of prospects will turn into paying clients, meaning that you generate more clients just by plugging these assets into what you are currently doing.

Cross-Sell Existing / New Services

During phase 1 of our service, where we conduct in-depth customer interviews, we have the opportunity to cross-sell / upsell your company’s services and create opportunities through our open dialogue with your current customers. We have been able to generate a huge ROI from our services for clients through these opportunities, and this is before we have even created the client acquisition assets!

Case Studies

We practice what we preach here at Capaldi Marketing. Here are some case studies of how we have helped clients.

Problems We Help You Solve

Low Conversion Rates

If you are generating leads, but struggling to get them over the line, a higher proportion of prospects will turn into paying clients using our client acquisition assets

Lack of Customer Intelligence

Have you ever asked your current clients how they feel about your service, and what else they would like you to help them with? You have gained their trust, so let us provide you with the intel on how they want your product / service to develop.

A USP Over Your Competitors

Yes, your competitors may have the odd review or case study on their website, but very few will go into the depth we will, and create assets that your entire marketing / sales team can utilize. Prospects will do some digging on what makes you different, and there is no better way of providing that than a detailed response from your current clients.

A System For Cross / Up Sell Opportunities

Ever wondered if your current, or planned products / services would be of real value to your current customers? You don’t know until you ask! We will provide you with detailed feedback via a report, and create sales opportunities for you, by asking them on your behalf.

Unfulfilled Revenue Targets

These assets will help you generate more leads, convert more leads, and make more revenue IF they are utilized effectively (we can help you with this if needed). They will help you reach your revenue potential.

Reasons For Prospects To Choose You Instead of a Competitor

We are living in a very competitive economy, where businesses are fighting over the same prospect budgets. The more reasons you can give those prospects to choose you over a competitor, the better. We will help you do that.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Listen to what our clients have to say about working with us. We have worked with 1 man bands to £1 billion + companies.

How FTSE 100 company RS gains the trust of new customers through industry leading content and customer success insights.

Lee Kilminster, Commercial Director for RS Export

How Focus established industry authority and gained new clients through brand awareness & client recommendations.

Stuart Misseldine, Managing Director of Focus Retail Services

How TheHIVE’s existing clients sell for them and help secure high-value prospects with high-converting client acquisition sales assets.

Hassan Khadra, Founder and MD of TheHIVE