Case Study with TheHIVE

How consumer focussed client acquisition sales assets accounted for 60%
of TheHIVE’s revenue.

Industry: HR Technology
Date: March 2023
Strategy: Client Acquisition Sales Assets

The Client

TheHIVE is an HR tech start-up in an early growth stage, working with limited time and budget.
The nature of what TheHIVE does, which is collaborative staff sharing, is a new concept for the HR and recruitment sector.

The Problem

TheHIVE are challenging and competing with traditional recruitment companies, which is a very competitive market with an established business model. TheHIVE are turning this model on it’s head, so they needed a bulletproof Go-To-Market strategy.

TheHIVE sought out the help of Capaldi Marketing because they understood just how important it was to build trust with prospects and early adopters of staff sharing, as it challenged an established perception of how recruitment ‘had’ to work. They needed to gain trust and remove risk from potential users by illustrating how their solution had helped others, which is where client acquisition assets add a huge amount of value.

The Process

We held a number of interviews with members of TheHIVE, drilling right down to the core (some said we actually went deeper than the earth’s core!) to understand the outcomes and successes they had achieved through using TheHIVE’s Staff Sharing platform.

We then used these real client examples to create a suite of sales and marketing assets for TheHIVE to use on their website, in email campaigns, outbound prospecting, in social content and ad retargeting campaigns, in newsletters, in blog articles…you name it, we created it!

The Result

TheHIVE needed an edge that 99.99% of traditional recruitment companies would not have, and that edge was a suite of sales and marketing assets that would convince prospects to take the plunge with them, and experiment with a different HR model.

With these assets, their existing customers removed the fear and risk for prospects in working with them.

TheHIVE knew how challenging it would be to conduct deep client analysis themselves, and not only that, but to collect and repurpose the research into assets that would have their sales and marketing efforts firing on all cylinders.

Plus, they knew how vital referrals, recommendations and client case studies would be to securing new contracts with clients and customers - cue Capaldi Marketing.

These assets combined with our proven lead generation process accounted for 60% of TheHIVEs revenue.

Hear Hassan share more about the results we’ve helped to achieve for TheHIVE.

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