£142k in new business

How a supply chain business generated £142,000 in new business and a £5m sales pipeline


Industry: Supply chain
Date: April 2020

Strategy: Organic LinkedIn inbound and outbound lead generation strategy designed to generate targeted sales conversation in two new sectors

The Client

A world leading supply chain business wanted to penetrate 2 new sectors who were for the most part, unaware of the first class service they could provide.

Their aim was to foster new relationships and partnerships in the sector and to use LinkedIn as a platform for creating awareness of their organisation and service, through personal brands.

What we did

We managed the personal LinkedIn account of the MD, and created a content marketing strategy (inbound) focused on building the MD’s personal brand through adding value, insight and opinions on industry specific topics.

This sat alongside an outbound connection and messaging strategy, designed to generate high value sales conversations with targeted decision makers.

The Results

After a consistent brand awareness and relationship driven lead generation campaign

Increase in Sales



Increase in sales pipeline value

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