LinkedIn Daily Checklist

LinkedIn Daily Checklist

Congratulations on taking action and getting your hands on a copy of my Daily LinkedIn Checklist.

This is a list of simple tasks that WILL result leads / engagement / branding for you and your business in around an hour a day.  

  • Check notifications – respond and action (5mins)
  • Respond to any tags and comments on your posts (5mins)
  • Check inbox – respond to any messages (10 mins)
  • checkCheck who’s viewed your profile & connect with relevant ones (5 mins)
  • checkAccept invitation requests (2 mins)
  • checkConnect with 25-30 targeted people (15 mins) 
  • checkPost content (5-10 mins) 
  • checkComment, Like, Share your connections content from your newsfeed (10 mins)

Tip 1. I encourage you to genuinely engage in the content of your connections, particularly those you want to foster a business relationship with…a comment or share always speaks louder than a like.

Tip 2. You may find it more effective to do half the tasks in the morning and half in the afternoon. Eg. post content in the morning and respond to any comments on your post in the afternoon.

Tip 3. Once a month review the process. What’s working? Which content went down well with your audience? You’ll be able to refine your process and better engage with your connections.

The Daily Check List will give you a good grounding to get better results from LinkedIn BUT…

First of all, ask yourself these 3 questions: 

1. Are you using your LinkedIn Profile as a dynamic sales page?

2. Do you have a content and engagement strategy?

3. Does your connection strategy get you responses like this?

‘I get 30-50 messages a week which I mostly ignore but for some reason I was inclined to open your message and book a time to speak to you’ 

(I got this message last week..)

I tell you what…

Why don’t we try and answer these questions together over a chat?

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