DFY Agency Services

We are B2B lead generation experts, so you can let us generate the leads and sales appointments for you, so that you can focus on selling your services!

Targeted B2B Lead Generation

We work with businesses in a range of niches but the one thing they have in common is that they have a desire to spend their time speaking to high value individuals, that are going to be worth the most amount of revenue to their business.

As our lead generation is designed to be very targeted, and that is the ethos behind what we do, we use what is effectively the most detailed B2B database around….. LinkedIn.

And if you refer to some publicly available stats, it makes total sense that this is a good place for B2B organizations to get great results!

  • LinkedIn has over 675m users
  • 80% of B2B social leads come from LinkedIn.
  • 92% of B2B buyers are using social media platforms to engage with thought leaders

These stats illustrate the importance of LinkedIn in a successful B2B sales process, but it is a channel that few organisations are taking advantage of. This is where we come in!

LinkedIn Account Management

Our core service is our LinkedIn Account Management service (we also do email marketing to build multi-channel lead generation systems).

We effectively use LinkedIn as a social sales funnel. We pour targeted connections into the top and via our messaging, content and engagement strategies, warm targeted leads come out the bottom.

We then deliver those leads to our clients when they are ready to chat / meet or whatever works best based on their service and sales process.

In a nutshell; we do all of the leg work necessary to generate high quality leads, which have all the context needed on how you can help them, so that you can spend your time focusing on converting them into paying clients!

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