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Hey, Great To See You Here!

Hey there..

We are Jamie & Janine Capaldi. Founders of the digital marketing agency - Capaldi Marketing.

We created this agency in response to the ever changing digital marketing landscape.

To be honest; we were fed up of watching people do  this whole marketing thing badly!

People & businesses trying to sell, sell, sell!

Without really considering the person at the end of those messages..

And what they really need to help them with their issues & problems.

We both started as consultants..

Janine specialises in getting coaches & businesses high value leads and sales on LinkedIn.

And Jamie's focus is  digital marketing - using online sales funnels to move cold market prospects into paying customers.

But despite our areas of expertise being different (yet extremely complimentary..)

We both share one philosophy.

One common goal that all our work revolves around.


This one concept governs everything we do.

Our ethos is that relationship marketing is the key to high value long term business relationships.

If you focus on relationship first..

Before anything else.

You will be successful.

And that is what we help our clients achieve.

Want to see what we mean?

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